School Aid Japan(SAJ)

To aim at improving the national educational level by operating model schools.
SAJ is positively involved in ‘Educational Aid Project concerning Children’, intended to ‘provide educational opportunities and optimal educational environments to as many children as possible in order to enhance their humanity’


Children who cannot go to school are out there.

Children in poor family barely make ends meet. There are lots of children who have a job to earn living expenses for their families.

5,000 schools are still needed in Cambodia.

Total 100,000 children go to schools built by SAJ. However, there are still about 5,000 schools whose roofs partly come off or whose walls have many holes, letting wind outside easily come inside, and many children study in such dark and dangerous school buildings.


To provide educational opportunities and optimal educational environments to as many children as possible in order to enhance their humanity.

SAJ has rapidly expanded its activities fields, from school building to food aid, job assistance, orphan home operation and school operation.

SAJ continues to aim at cultivating children capable of contributing to their societies, making environments where children are focused on studying without any anxiety, and cultivating their excellent talents awakened and developed in such environments.


All the donations are to be spent on pursuing the happiness of the children out there.

We understand that some people who want to give a donation still tend to have a doubt/anxiety, like ‘will this donation really be spent there?’ or ‘would most of the donations be spent on office administrative expenses or so?’

In SAJ, all the expenses including labor costs or travel expenses are budgeted in the first place. So, all the donation granted will be spent on pursuing the happiness of the children there, not on any expenses.

Representative’s Message

School Aid Japan(SAJ)
Miki Watanabe

Thank you so much for visiting the website of School Aid Japan (‘SAJ’).
SAJ has been involved in various aid activities for the children in developing countries since it was founded as a specified non-profit organization, or an NPO. You can find detailed information of the activities at each specific page in this website.

In April, 2004, SAJ was officially authorized by the Japanese prime minister to become a public interest foundation and took over all the activities that had been conducted under its former capacity, a specified non-profit organization. This event has made it possible for SAJ to offer tax deduction benefit to donors.
Also, SAJ is committed to the ‘transparent accounting method’, which you can refer to through the accounting report.

We believe that ‘to enhance one’s humanity’ is a mission which all the humans living in a society have in common and that all the humans are born to exploit/develop their own gift succeeded through heredity. In enhancing one’s humanity, we see education to be the most important work that humans are supposed to do in order to develop humanity of others.

However, unfortunately, there are children who cannot be offered any basic education because of wars, strife, famines or poverty in the world, especially in developing countries. They are less likely to even notice their excellent gifted talent because they just don’t have an opportunity to get an access to education.

Also, even in developed countries, many children don’t necessarily receive appropriate education while they don’t pay attention to knowing why they study.

Considering these backgrounds, SAJ has conducted educational aid activity and job assistance activity for children all over the world, intended to ‘provide educational opportunities and optimal educational environments to as many children as possible in order to enhance their humanity’

We think it very important to develop child’s gifted character respectively. SAJ’s goal is to cultivate children capable of contributing to societies, developing children’s dreams, promoting their sound growth, having them notice their own gifted talents and enhances them.

Through these activities, SAJ will contribute to building a peaceful world with no war, strife, famines or poverty.

We don’t do something for children. Instead, children let us do something, giving us an opportunity to learn things through aid activities.

We are expecting you to join these wonderful activities!!

About SAJ

Outline of SAJ as of May 2021

Group name Public Interest Incorporated Foundation School Aid Japan
Representative Miki Watanabe
address 〒144-0043 1-1-3 Haneda, Ota-ku, Tokyo Otorii Keikyu Daiichi Building 7F
Date of establishment April 1, 2009
Corporate acquisition Having
Name Certificate of Public Interest Incorporated Foundation
Date of acquisition of corporation April 1, 2009
Business target field
  • School construction support project
  • School management business
  • School attendance support business
  • Food support business
  • Orphanage business
  • Employment support business
  • Profitable business
  • Great East Japan Earthquake Support
Country of activity
  • Cambodia
  • Bangladesh
  • Nepal(Currently inactive)
  • Japan(Activities during the Great East Japan Earthquake)
  • Okinawa Branch (Okinawa)
  • Obihiro Branch (Hokkaido)
  • Kanazawa Branch (Ishikawa)
  • Daejeon Branch (Tokyo)
  • Hachioji Branch (Tokyo)
  • Fukuoka Branch (Fukuoka)
  • Ichikawa Branch (Chiba)
  • Singapore Branch (Singapore)
  • Nagasaki Branch (Nagasaki)
  • Sendai Branch (Miyagi)
  • Osaka Branch (Osaka)


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